Sharika Mehta was one of the callers in Radio Wonkalator 2013 ("U-NEED A BREAK, LIGHTNINGMCQUEEN!") that claims to be a member of the Baby Einstein Gang and has threatened to shut down Radio Wonkalator and replace it with the Baby Einstein radio station, No proof was found that he/she was ever a member of "The Baby Einstein Gang".

Since then, He/she has been permanently banned from Radio Wonkalator. No future attempts has been done by this person.

You can read the transcript of his/hers miserably failed attempt to shut down the show.


WONKA : " This is umm, We got 714 on the line, state your complaint! "

714 : " I swear to god, This radio station has got to go. it has been destroying my baby [unintellegible]'s mind.. Take it down or we will be forced to.. umm.. Take down your station and umm.. replace it with eh.. "


unknown : " *Distant* IT WAS BABY EINSTEIN!! "

714 : "Yeah, I'll replace your show with baby einstein because i am from the umm.. Baby Einstein Gang"

WONKA : "Very clever, Very very clever of you, I can't believe how stupid you are to let your baby listen into Radio Wonkalator."


WONKA : "Correction, it WAS your fault, Sharika Mehta, This station won't be ending anytime sooner so you can kiss my ass"

714 : "It will end, Believe me it will.. I will sue you and your company!"

WONKA : " Then I'll get my lawyer in on this. "

WONKA : " And besides, You're just a 5 year old, You can't even do shit, So how are you even calling me on the phone? Bitch! "

WONKA : " Here is a message for you, "

WONKA : " What have you learned today about mailing peeps pics of your junk in return for drawing pictures of Thomas The Tank Engine?? "

WONKA : " EXACTLY! You haven't done anything, There is no reason for this show to be cancelled, You see.. Calling me just to say that you want my show cancelled and replaced by some baby shitstorm crap just because you and your little baby doesn't like it.. "

WONKA : " That is like interrupting a conversation with somebody and telling them that their show should be replaced with Sesame Street. "

WONKA : " It is completely pointless, and there is no point in trying to kill me off, so stop trying.. Please! "

WONKA : " And just to make sure you DON'T Call me again, I will have your number, your name, and your identity on my blocked list, And i will also make sure that you are banned from ever contacting me again! goodbye! "

[ WONKA has hung up on 714 ]