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Baby Einstein On the Go - Riding, Sailing and Soaring (2005) - Shared TV Spot 30 Pre

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Stella is a cat in the Godrod family. Her first apperence was in the cover of Neighborhood Animals and appears in On The Go, Baby's Favorite Places, Baby Shakespeare (10 year version), Animals Around Me, World Of Rhythm, and a bonus puppet show from Baby's First Sounds and Discovering Shapes. But she will appear in the 20 year versions of Baby Bach and baby Santa's Music Box.

Her friend Bella the yellow cat later hosts Baby Wordsworth. She appears in the Baby Einstein cats book with her name on her collar. Though she's a cat, she likes dogs.


On the cover of neighborhood animals

She has dog personality and disguise. She knows how to speak all the French from Language Nursery. She can play 7 of the toy interments pieces from Baby Bach (Chicco piano, Zylon Dragon, Lollipop drum, xylophone, giraffe horn, saxophone, and bird trumpet)

She is good friends with Bard The Green Dragon.


Born in Michigan in 2002, Stella took the language of her own country at age 2, and studied under a French teacher.

Her favorite food is Pecan pie.


Age: 11

Favorite quote: Why did you draw Manager if you're his enemy crayons? I want to know!

Friends: Bella the yellow cat, Vivian Van Goat, Bard The Green Dragon, Mozart the yellow bear, Sunny the bunny,Bach the Bunny, Oinky the pig,Quacker the Duck, Pavlov The Dog and Harry the Hippo

Nickname: Pecan pie

Enemies: Animated crayons

Loves: Music

Weakness: She's lazy

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite Activity: History

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics

Favorite Thing: Blind Taste Test

Favorite Game: Cootie

Animal nickname: The bone cather

Favorite animal quote: Disturb me and see what I do to you.

Favorite animal: bunny

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite Cartoon: Littlest Pet Shop

Favorite Movie: Mulan (1998)


Stella was puppeteered and voiced by her French teacher, Freda Guetarni.

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