Stella is a member of Maddie's group of hallucinations (The Godrod Family). Her first appearance was in the cover of Neighborhood Animals and appears in On The Go, Baby's Favorite Places, Baby Shakespeare (10 year version), Animals Around Me, World Of Rhythm, and a bonus puppet show from Baby's First Sounds and Discovering Shapes. But she won't appear in the 20 year versions of Baby Bach and baby Santa's Music Box because they will never exist.

Her friend Bella the yellow cat later hosts Baby Wordsworth. She appears in the Baby Einstein cats book with her name on her collar. Though she's a cat, she likes furries.


On the cover of neighborhood animals

She has dog personality and disguises. She knows how to speak all the French from Language Nursery. She can play 7 of the toy instrument pieces from Baby Bach (Chicco piano, Zylon Dragon, Lollipop drum, xylophone, giraffe horn, saxophone, and screams of pain)

She is good friends with Bard The Green Dragon.


Born in Michigan during Y2K, Stella took the language of her own country (the USSR) at age 2, and studied under a communist teacher.

Her favorite food is children


Age: Meowsa

Favorite quote: "kys :)"

Friends: None.

Nickname: "kys 2 :D"

Enemies: Everyone.

Loves: Music (aka the screams of people from the depths of hell)

Strength: None.

Weakness: She's dead

Favorite color: She's blind

Favorite Activity: Burning down local Gymboree stores

Favorite Sport: Arson

Favorite Thing: Throwing Pokeballs at random Japanese pedestrians

Favorite Game: Nuking countries.

Animal nickname: Stella Paul

Favorite animal quote: "Error: 404"

Favorite animal: Furries

Favorite season: Summer (She likes to see people burn in the heat)

Favorite Cartoon: Rule 34 of Movie Star Planet

Favorite Movie: Baby Communism (1945)


Stella was puppeteered and voiced by her Russian teacher, Vladmir Putin.

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