The Bee Movie (A.K.A Baby's First Sounds) was the very last episode of Baby Einstein. From the sheep to the cows, and square boxes.


  1. Barry Bleach Benson (Host)
  2. Julie The Sheep (Cloned)
  3. Wellington Van Cow (Final appearance before 10 year anniversary edition.)
  4. Gregory the Foal
  5. Hugo The Hippopotamus
  6. Mozart The Koala
  7. Bubba The Bird
  8. Dubba The Bird
  9. Mimi The Monkey
  10. Da Vinci The Monkey
  11. Olivia The Owl (In A Deleted Scene)
  12. Beethoven The Giraffe (In A Deleted Scene)
  13. Sugar The Cat (In A Deleted Scene)
  14. Bard The Dragon (Was mistaken for a snake in a deleted scene)


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