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Wellington Sees Dora and Eddie (The only instance in Baby Macdonald where Wellington has a different colored bell collar)

The Cow family was a family of cows in baby Einstien.

Betsy The Cow appeared in Baby Shakespeare, Baby Santa, Neighborhood Animals, Numbers Nursery, Baby Galileo. Baby Macdonald, Meet The Orchestra, and hosts the farm segments in Animals around me. She is Macdonald The Calf's mom.

Macdonald The Calf debuted in Baby Bethooven. He also appeared in Numbers Nursery, Baby Galileo, and the special version of Baby Mozart. He is the son of Betsy and Wellington.

Wellington Van Cow debuted in and hosted Baby Macdonald, he also appeared in Baby First Sounds and the Special Version of Language Nursery. He is Macdonald The Calf's dad.


Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip Puppets and Animals- 2600:25

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip Puppets and Animals- 26

335px-Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip Puppets and Animals- 26

Macdonald The Calf yelling with Lizzy The Tiger, Pavlov The Dog, and Gregory The Foal


Betsy The Cow giving Nathan The Horse hay

  • 988840067

    Betsy saw what Nathan Did

    Ditto In A Box

    Before Wellington Pulled The String


    Before Wellington Sees Roger Cough


    Um... Betsy? Someone's stealing your corn


    Betsy and Her Clone at the Wild West

    There has been spectaion that Baby Macdonald re released in 2013, in 2009, Wellington had a slight change, his bell collar went from turquoise to red. Macdonald The Calf may had been added due to this

"...he had a red bell collar instead of a blue one and the Baby Beethoven was added." This was sure upsetting for fans of Wellington Van Cow, A few months later, user KYLEEIEIO confirmed that it was false.

  • Wellington is returning in the 2018 Baby santa remake

    You thought he was gone

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