The Nurse makes an appearance in Baby Einstein '99. She works at the community hospital and helped deliver "The GodRod Family". While most of the members were never seen, She held them after they were born, She can be seen planting the GodRodian Seal into them with a small shock, Madeline and Mark tried to escape from their grips.

In Baby Einstein '95 It is revealed that she was a member of "The Illuminati", "The Killuminati" and in Baby Einstein '97, "The Belluminati", She can be seen as one of the clerics at Walden University performing "The Opening Of Maddie's Diary" after her "death".


"Mrs. Scholz, you are now the proud mother of an adorable baby boy!"

"Mr. and Mrs. Pluto, you are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl!"

"Yo, this is my butt!"

"Nothing personal kid."