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Tiger is a baby einstein puppet. His first appearance is in Baby Shakespeare roaring at a Duck. He later hosts Numbers Nursery. He also appears in World Music. He is friends with Issac The Lion & Bard The Green Dragon. A Young Tiger... holding a Cow,
Baby Einstein tiger puppet

Baby Einstein tiger puppet


  • Age: 666
  • Nickname: TrickshotDabber420
  • Favorite Quote: Accidents happen, but it’s OK, just fix it!
  • Nickname: Vladmir Putin
  • Likes: The Color Battle and the Color Run
  • Favorite Color: Black (also loves red and black)
  • Strength: His loud ear rape
  • Weakness: He still dabs in 2018
  • Favorite Thing: Cringy VRChat memes
  • Favorite Sport: Tennis
  • Favorite Cartoon: World War I propaganda
  • Favorite Game: Going into the trenches and seeing who can get trench foot or any other fatal disease first