This is also a video I am doing on my channel in 2017. So let's get the show on.

Dishonorable mentions

Language Nursery

World of Rhythm

Baby Wordsworth

World of Colors

Wild Animal Safari

10.On the Go

I don't really enjoy this video. I don't know why. Still it's okay to watch. I recommend it to BE fans that like TTTE or Disney's Cars. Then again I like it more than Cars (but not the second movie).

9.World of Words

I can watch this one. It would be in my list of lower favorites. I am angry they put Aspen's poem instead of Frost's. I love Robert Frost's poems a lot. I just can't believe this would happen. They didn't take out the jumpscares (which can be good for nostalgia). Also World of Words is basically the next year of middle or high school in the same school when you get your subjects switched. This one is okay, but I prefer the original.

8.World Animal Adventure

I won't put here if they won't keep repeating the same animal name and made it annoying. Thank you Epic Stuff 773 for making your react videos of it enjoyable.

7.Baby's Favorite Places

Why did they put in those ants. Not to mention the puppet shows are just the same thing over and over again. Language Nursery is a better video.

Middle Way

Okay now we get to the crap. And not what Papyrus thinks when it more like a show good. (Sorry for Undertale.)  And some of these are dumbed down in my taste.

6.World Music

The puppets don't like the original. Why?

5.My First Signs

Why did they make this? Why? This the trigger video I guess.

4.Baby's First Moves

I have seen this. It is a sad fail. No one should see this trash. I wouldn't seen show my younger cousins because it is so bad.

3.Discovering Shapes

It's a rip off of Baby Newton. I like the music.

2.Meet The Orchestra

I had seen this topic to be fun done right. In elementally school I would watch this man named PJ (he was like Steve or Billy Nye). He would teach my classmates and I about will this topic. This isn't that fun. This one of the videos I first watched at my aunt's house. Those another ones were Baby Santa and Baby Wordsworth. I didn't even like it when I first saw it. I watched it all the way threw. I am surprised I still like Baby Einstein. Why isn't this number one? You gonna find out.

1.Baby's First Sounds

What's scarier than Bard the dragon to me? The freakin' bee puppet. It's so creepy. Idk I find it that way. It's just weird. This why I hate Baby's First Sounds. I have never watched the whole way threw.