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Vincent and Vivan


Vince's facepaint without his hairbrush!


Vincent on his messy outburst


Vincent In Baby Van Gogh Of Blue

Vincent van Goat is a blue goat who first appeared as the host of Baby Van Gogh and made a new appearance in a decade in the discovery kit World Of Colors and a Bonus Puppet Show in the Discovery Kit World of Words. He has a pink girlfriend named Vivian Van Goat, and a tan brother named Theo van goat. He is friends with Manager the clown. He knows how speak all the German from Language Nursery.


Born in 2001 in Germany, Vincent took German languages at age 3, and started taking some German words into a sentence, such as one of his favorites, "I am very Verargert! (angry)".

A descendant of Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent the Goat inherited the same brushing skills and painting technique.

His favorite food is food from the fast food restaurants Checkers and Sonic.


Age: 12

Nickname: Sonic

Favorite Quote: Finders Keepers.

Friends: Neptune The Turtle, Morris, Manager and Bard The Green Dragon

Enemies: Animated crayons and Animated shapes

Loves: Video Games

Weakness: He Likes Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Raising Chaos

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Activity: Art

Favorite sport: Basketball

Favorite thing: Anything artistic

Favorite game: Checkers

Favorite cartoon: SonicX

Favorite Movie: Brother Bear

Vincent Van Goat is a character in Baby Einstein. He hosts Baby Van Gogh and World Of Colors. In the beginning, he had paint all over his face and he signed his name on the palette, turned around and said, "Shut your mouth, Caillou!"

Behind the scenes

He was puppeteered and voiced by his German teacher, Gabriele Rewis.


Theo van goat (Brother-Seen in Baby Macdonald)

Vivian Van Goat. (Girlfriend-Seen in Baby Van Gogh and World Of Colors)


"Ooh la la." Baby Van Gogh: World Of Colors.

"Ah Mazinifique." Baby Van Gogh: World Of Colors.

"After Her!" Baby einstein the quest!

"What is with you in bananas?"


Vincent has yellow horns, black ears, and black eyes. He has a blue body, a white beard (in cartoon it's yellow), and a white mouth. He also has a black nose. The picture above shows him covered in paint.

Role in the movie

He was playing a video game called sonic adventure 2 battle to raise his chaos and then Vivian, Bonker Morris, Theo & others came in the house in his room from playing the chao race.



Baby Van Gogh

  • The Opening Theme:(He Paints The V And Had Paint All Over His Face).
  • Yellow:(He Stared Painting. He Gets Done After The Painting Is Finished Up).
  • Green:(The The Little Green turtle  Was bouncing The Green Balls When He Got Here And The Little green Ran Away And All The Green Balls Popped And Scared Him).
  • Orange:(He Started A Flower Painting And Finished It When It Was Done A While)
  • Purple:(He Smelled All The Purple Flowers A Pink Goat Was Here And Saw Him. He Wanted To Be In Love With Her And He Said "Ooh, La La." The Hearts Are Popped To The Word Purple).
  • Red:(He Started Painting Fast And Duck Came By And The Painting Was Finished).
  • Blue:(He Made His Last Painting After That Blue Mouse Found Some Colors And Found The Blue. The Blue Word Was Here When Blue Mouse Walked Away).

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