Vincent and Vivan


Vince's facepaint without his hairbrush!


Vincent on his messy accident


Vincent In Baby Van Gogh Of Blue

Vincent van Goat is a blue goat who first appeared as the host of Baby Van Gogh and made a new appearance in a decade in the discovery kit World Of Colors and a Bonus Puppet Show in the Discovery Kit World of Words. He has a pink girlfriend named Vivian Van Goat

Vincent Van Goat is a character in Baby Einstein. He hosts Baby Van Gogh and World Of Colors.

Age: 12

Nickname: Baby Van Gogh

Favorite Quote: Ooh La La!

Family: His Brother,Theo

Loves: His Girlfriend,Vivian

Weakness: He can be messy when paint falls on him.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Activity: Painting Pictures

Favorite sport: GoKarts

Favorite thing: Orange Sunflowers

Favorite game: Kite Flying

Favorite Food: Strawberries


Vivian Van Goat. (Girlfriend-Seen in Baby Van Gogh and World Of Colors)


"Ooh la la." Baby Van Gogh: World Of Colors.

"Ah Mazinifique." Baby Van Gogh: World Of Colors.


Vincent has yellow horns, black ears, and black eyes. He has a blue body, a white beard (in cartoon it's yellow), and a white mouth. He also has a black nose. The picture above shows him covered in paint.



Baby Van Gogh

  • The Opening Theme:(He Paints The V And Had Paint All Over His Face).
  • Yellow:(He Stared Painting. He Gets Done After The Painting Is Finished Up).
  • Green:(The The Little Green turtle  Was bouncing The Green Balls When He Got Here And The Little green Ran Away And All The Green Balls Popped And Scared Him).
  • Orange:(He Started A Flower Painting And Finished It When It Was Done A While)
  • Purple:(He Smelled All The Purple Flowers A Pink Goat Was Here And Saw Him. He Wanted To Be In Love With Her And He Said "Ooh, La La." The Hearts Are Popped To The Word Purple).
  • Red:(He Started Painting Fast And Duck Came By And The Painting Was Finished).
  • Blue:(He Made His Last Painting After That Blue Mouse Found Some Colors And Found The Blue. The Blue Word Was Here When Blue Mouse Walked Away).

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