Vivan with Vincent

Vivian Van Goat is a pink goat and Vincent Van Goat's girlfriend who appears in Baby Van Gogh and World Of Colors. When vincent was smelling some violets, Vivian came up to vincent. He gasped in amazment. He said, "Ooh la la", picked some violets and gave them to Vivian. She thanked Vincent. Vincent looked away and nodded no, but then gave her a kiss. They fell in love & they walked home. Vivian was seen again walking through The Street|The Purple Town with purple paint on her face and a paintbrush in her mouth. She tried to avoid being run over by a grape-colored bowling ball.  The bowling ball ran over her foot and she ran off, Crying in pain. In baby santa's music box, She watches a train with theo and him replaced by a child. And when she later, Replacing the Tan raindeer and ringing the bells and she can't get up and she certainly destroyed the bells!

She is firends with Manager the clown. She knows how to speak all the Japanese from Language Nursery.


The girlfriend of Vincent, Vivian was born in Japan in 2002.

Taking languages at 2, Vivan met Vincent at the age of 16, in 2018. She fell in love with the 12-year-old Vincent, and they soon married.

Vivian was a descendant of Sien Hoornik.


Age: 11

Nickname: Amy

Favorite Quote: It's My Birthday! & You Know It.

Friends: Manager, Morris, Bonkers The Turtle and Stella The Orange And Black Cat

Enemies: Animated Crayons and Animated shapes

Loves: Painting

Weakness: Her Beauty Pageant Starts Everyday

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Activity: Art

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Thing: Chug A Jug

Favorite game: Rock, paper, scissors

Favorite cartoon: My little pony: friendship is magic

Behind the scenes

She was portrayed and voiced by her own Japanese teacher, Miyuki Takaya-Paisley.




Purple feels wacky, wild,

Crazy, tricky, mellow, mild.

It makes me want to paint my face,

And kick a ball, and run a race.

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