Welsco, also known as Wesclo, is the capital and largest city of Baccdia, a country in between The Netherlands and Germany. Many of its famous inhabitants are turtles, including two brothers, Bonkers and Neptune. They were a close friend of Swiss producer Otmar Gutmann, who buried them when they died.


Considering the swampy marshland, Welsco is right near the Dutch Sea, in the Netherlands. In fact, Baccdia is actually close to Switzerland than it is The Netherlands.

Bonkers and Neptune were both born in the Baccdish swamps of Welsco.

Language and cuisine

Many turtles are an endangered species, and sometimes Humen Cook Egg Fries.

The way you say "Hello" in Baccish is Beklumaka bumekla.

Neptune took languages at 3, while Bonker took them at 9.


Bonker also fed Neptune his favorite food, Textured Kippers. A kipper is a type of fish.

Points of interest