As a puppet toy

Baby Einstein World Music (2009) - Clip World music ten minute show, post01:41

Baby Einstein World Music (2009) - Clip World music ten minute show, post


Jane and Zorra

Zorra is Issac the lion's sister. She helped Issac draw Manager and Stella The Orange And Black Cat. He appears in World Animals, Baby NoahWorld Music, the discovery kit Wild Animal Safari, and On the go (in cartoon).  He also appears in a bonus puppet show from Discovering Shapes. He was made as a puppet by Legends and Lore. She has squirrel personality and disguise. He knows how to speak all the Spanish from Language Nursery. He appears in some books.


The older brother of Issac, She was born and raised in Michigan in 1968, while Issac was raised in Michigan. Taking languages at 3, Issac learned Hebrew, while Zorra learned Spanish.

Issac was taught by Hebrew teacher Iris Zinger and David Privett, while Zorra was taught by a Spanish teacher.

She is the descendant of Sir Isaac Newton,


Age: 22

Friends: Wellignton the cow,Baabra the sheep,Noah the elephant,Jane The Monkey, Misty the blue mouse, Roger the Rooster, Chilla the blue mouse, Violet The Pink Mouse, and Morris

Enemies: Animated crayons and Animated shapes

Loves: Nature

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite activity: Math

Favorite sport: Bowling

Favorite thing: TV

Favorite Game: ants in the pants

Favorite animals: squirrel and chipmunk

Favorite season: spring

Favorite Cartoon: The amazing world of Gumball

Weakness: He hates Blackouts

Favorite Movie: The Lion King (1994)

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